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Communication Digital Curator, Marketing & Innovation for Travel and Culture.

Creative ways to brainstorm new ideas.

For years I have been working on developing marketing strategies for companies and organizations operating in the Tourism and Culture industries, always looking for a creative and innovative approach.

From my Corsican mum I took her stubbornness and from my Tuscan dad I took his curiosity, two elements that have always characterized me in my endeavours and that have led me to design ideas with a wide social impact. I am a consolidated professional in marketing communications. I have been collaborating with several destination marketing organizations and, in particular, the project of which I am a co-founder Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions) has revolutionized the fate of more than 2000 tourist sites, with the participation of more than 50,000 people or "invaders" who have managed to spread this movement to millions around the world.

I am part of the Academy of Parole Ostili  s an official trainer, a social project to raise awareness on hate speech, violent communication, cyber bullying, and fake news.

I’m Vice-ChairPerson Italy di ALL Ladies League, (ALL), the world’s largest All-inclusive international women’s chamber and a global movement for the Welfare, Wealth, and Wellbeing of ALL by empowering women’s leadership.

Expertise Area

Digital Media Curator

Support and development of cultural and travel organizations’ projects, enhancing work processes and solving strategic problems. Creation of promotional and enhancement strategies for travel and cultural heritage industries.

Web & Social Media Marketing

Marketing and communication strategies, setting goals and market analysis. Training and Consultancy to tourism and cultural operators in online marketing solutions, social media positioning, social profiles management. Training on digital brand reputation, online listening, online conversations monitoring.

Trainer against Violent Language

Social awareness project against violent languages online. The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication is a commitment to shared responsibility for creating a respectful and civilized Internet that represents us and offers a sense of security. Written and adopted by a community of over 300 communicators, bloggers and influencers, it is a charter of 10 practical principles to guide online behaviour.

Audience Engagement

Exploring different ways of communicating cultural content with the use of new media to reach ever-greater and more engaged audiences, combining the use of social media and storytelling.

Digital Heritage

I believe that internet and social media are a great opportunity for cultural communication, a way to involve new audiences, break down all kinds of barriers and further encourage the creation, sharing, dissemination and enhancement of our artistic heritage.

Tourism Marketing

Support and development of cultural and travel organizations’ projects, enhancing work processes and solving strategic problems. Creation of promotional and enhancement strategies for travel and cultural heritage industries. Organization and management of events.




Invade a museum, an archaeological site, a historical center and share the experience through the web and social networks: starting from this simple idea the #InvasioniDigitali were born.
The Invaders wish to enhance the beauty of their Countries. Armed with smartphones, cameras and video cameras, we share our passion to make our immense heritage known through the web. An urban game that provides a different and collectively constructed vision of the cultural heritage, giving it new life. Since 2013 more then 2200 invasions have been organized in Europe, U.S.A. Australia.


UNESCO Festival Experience


Invasioni Digitali in partnership with UNESCO Festival Experience, the first festival of UNESCO sites in the South of italy, which will take place from July to September 2018 on the UNESCO sites of Basilicata, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.
The project will be developed on several segments and aims to promote UNESCO sites so that they can become a lever for the development of the entire area. The goal is to create a network between the territories of Southern Italy that host a UNESCO site, in order to promote, starting from the attractiveness of the UNESCO brand, and through the use of new technologies, the set of landscaped, cultural, enogastronomic resources of these territories in a unique and integrated tourism offer.


ESpace Europeana Creative Workshop


The cultural sector has always been facing the great challenge of building its audience, but the digital shift changed radically how cultural heritage is made, disseminated, distributed, accessed, consumed and monetised. One of the most important revolutions is that visitors’ role changed dramatically, shifting from passive observers to active participants and contents producers. This workshop explored different ways of communicating cultural contents with the use of new media and showed how a greater audience can be reached by combining the power of social media and storytelling.




If the Monuments Men protagonists of the film directed and played by George Clooney had lived in 2014 instead of in 1945, they would probably have been armed with smartphones and tablets and would have contributed to the protection and enhancement of Italian artistic heritage. With this assumption, Invasioni Digitali launched the Monuments Men Weekend, three days to become symbolically defenders of that monumental and museum heritage “that makes Italy the first country in the world for tourism and culture".


Invasioni Digitali 3D

InvDig 3D

3D #DigitalInvasions was a pilot experiment that took place in Sicily. Since the first edition, #InvasioniDigitali has been endorsed by the Sicilian Department of Cultural Heritage and Identity, ensuring access to cultural sites and liberalizing cultural heritagephotographic documentation (well in advance of the Culture Decree). For the third Invasion, we proposed an innovative educational experiment by involving engineering students from Palermo and Catania Universities during planned invasions in the Antonino Salinas Archaeological Museum (Palermo) and the Archaeological and Naturalistic Park of Santa Venera al Pozzo in Acicatena (near Catania). Two introductory workshops took place before each invasion, to ensure students understood the project’s significance and social impact. A huge number of students captured 3D models of high-cultural value archaeological objects. We wanted to analyze the response in terms of creativity, sense of identity and affiliation to the 3D cultural heritage they wanted to achieve. The creation of virtual replicas has become an important emerging area within cultural heritage: each 3D model has become a bridge between the original artwork and its knowledge. 




"No knowledge, although excellent and healthy, give me joy if I learn it for myself. If you grant me the wisdom with this limitation, to hold it closed on me, refusing to spread it, I’ll reject it"Lucius Annaeus Seneca.
Art becomes knowledge when it’s shared. A digital white night, from 8.00 p.m. till 2 a.m. to invite people to share under different topics their love for cultural heritage.




Archeosocial. Archeology rewrites the web.
Born from the experience of some professionals of the cultural heritage, it is the first synthesis that defines criteria and methods for the correct online communication of the archaeological discipline.


Never stop asking questions,
be curious.
This is true innovation.


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